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10 Ways to Detoxify Your Body in Thailand

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10 Top Detox Foods to Try

I prefer to cook and entertain, especially throughout the holidays. I think in indulging family and friends with delicious food, drink and desserts. But after a few months of holiday parties and admittedly, overdoing it, I am just prepared to start the brand new Year having a “clean” slate. That requires some detoxing. However, detoxing doesn’t need to mean starving yourself or sticking with a liquid diet. To cleanse the device the aim would be to stimulate liver enzymes, effectively empty intestines of waste, and assist the kidneys eliminate toxins that develop within your tissues, organs, and blood. It’s taking care of your digestive tract, and great for all the parts of the body.

Whenever possible, I love to visit Thailand’s premier fasting and colon cleanse detoxification program where fresh tropical fruits and special therapies are ready to cleanse your body, bringing a balance between your mind and soul. The Health retreats Orion healing center provides some of the amazing and unique detox formula that includes Yoga, meditation, Reiki, Crystal healing, CranioSacral Therapy, Theta healing and Chakra Balancing accompanied by high maintained diets. The center being in the midst of nature helps to restore health and fitness through its Body detox Thailand programs. The methods are significantly effective for those who are looking for a new transformation in their body and seeking for inner peace.

The first and foremost step toward a highly effective detox would be to eliminate hard-to-digest foods like meat, cheese, fats, soy, chocolate, sugar, and salty foods, based on Christopher Vasey, ND, author from the Naturopathic Way (Healing Arts, 2009).

Next, you’ll have to drink lots of clear liquids and eat mostly high fiber, plant-based, organic foods to stimulate your lower intestines and stop the absorption of brand new toxins. By concentrating on these delicious detoxifying foods, you’ll discover that you’ll feel much better, get more energy and perhaps even remove a bit weight. Whatever the case, it’s an excellent begin for your New Year.

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